Welcoming of the Guests

Matt Suiche, (Founder at Comae & OPCDE)



William Lin, Partner @ ForgePoint Capital

Will is a Partner and a Co-Founder at ForgePoint Capital. He has been an avid technology enthusiast for decades: building his first computer in elementary school and starting online businesses while completing his bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley. He has worked with more than 15 cybersecurity companies to date. As part of the ForgePoint founding team, Will is involved with 4iQ, Appthority, Attivo Networks, Bayshore Networks, Bishop Fox, ID Experts, IronNet Cybersecurity, LoginRadius, Remediant, ReversingLabs, Uptycs and a stealth company. He is a board member/observer at 4iQ, Attivo Networks, Bayshore Networks, LoginRadius, Remediant, Uptycs and a stealth company.

Can't Take My Lab off You — Automating the Provisioning of Active Directory Labs in Azure

Whether you're an infosec professional, a system administrator or simply a tech enthusiast, labs are an invaluable resource to experiment with technology and tools. In this presentation, we showcase how to leverage tooling from the DevOps ecosystem such as Terraform, Ansible and Packer to automate the deployment of Active Directory labs in Microsoft Azure. Building upon these concepts we present a new project, Adaz, which allows to create disposable and easily configurable hunting-oriented AD labs in Azure — Sysmon, Windows Event Forwarding, Kibana, Elasticsearch, and batteries included.

Christophe Tafani-Dereeper, Security Engineer, Nexthink

Security engineer and self-proclaimed security researcher, Christophe (@christophetd) is passionate about information security, software, DevOps, and labs - boy he loves labs. He works in the information security team at Nexthink, a Swiss company helping IT teams deliver an awesome end user experience. He also holds a blog where you can sometimes read posts about various unrelated topics ranging from cloud security to low-level Windows hacks or CTF write-ups.

Reviving Null-Pointer Attacks


Walied Assar, Independent

Walied Assar has more than 13 years of experience in Reverse Engineering, Malware Analysis, Incident Response, Low-Level Programming, and vulnerability Research. Worked for Secunia, Avira, and some companies and enterprises in the GCC region.

Closing Remarks

Matt Suiche, (Founder at Comae & OPCDE)

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